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In an ideal world, there would be just one aggregated streaming service with the best shows and movies from all around the planet.

Imagine having unabridged access to the best of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Disney+ in one single channel.

An unlimited supply of premium content.

No multiple subscriptions to juggle with. No annoying ads to deal with.

Oh, and it would be free.

But, such a Utopian world would exist only in a ‘Black Mirror’ episode. We aren’t quite there yet.

That doesn’t mean that we are dealing with a shortage of options to watch great content online.

In fact, your options have only multiplied in recent times with a barrage of platforms looking to cater to you with some great movies.

Nah, we aren’t redirecting you to any shady online movie sites. We hate piracy as much as you do.

Instead, we are going to share with you a bunch of tricks and hacks that will give you access to completely legal online movies. And a lot of it for free.

So grab that popcorn, sit back and enjoy the read.

Free Online Movies from the Top 5 Streaming Services

Just in case you didn’t notice, most streaming platforms have a ‘Free Trial’ period that allows you to test the waters before you jump in.

While the idea would be to check the quality of the content that a platform offers before you subscribe, the free trial can also be used to squeeze in as many free movies as you can.

Run a movie marathon.

Create a list of the best movies from all the platforms that you wanted to watch. Sign up for the free trials and just binge watch them.

Here are the top 5 streaming platforms and their trial periods for your reference.

NetflixBelieve it or not, Netflix gives you an entire month to try out their content before they bill you. And you will literally have your hands full with options as Netflix has one of the largest catalogs of new and classic movies. Newer movies are added every day. Old ones are phased out as well. So you’ve got to be on your toes here. If you hate using that outdated search interface, then check out this cool app called ‘Flixable’. That’s Netflix searches made easy.

Disney+: Disney has removed its content from all other streaming platforms.

The only place where you can catch a Disney flick is on Disney+. And they have an ensemble collection of movies from the vault including animated classics, Star Wars and shows from Nat Geo. The only caveat is that the trial period is only 7 days. Enjoy the classics while you can. Subscriptions are quite reasonably priced at $6.99 a month though.

Hulu: If you thought that Hulu was only about your favorite TV shows, think again. The platform has been making a major revamp towards the movies end of the business and they are aggressively adding new content to their collection. Moreover, most of the big Hollywood studios own a chunk of the Hulu Pie. So you are going to be seeing a lot of exclusive content on Hulu before it hits any other streaming service. Oh, Hulu is also venturing into Originals and documentaries soon. You can try it for free for 7 days and it will cost $7.99 a month after the free trial.

Amazon Prime: While Prime video has always played second fiddle to Netflix in the streaming business, they are gunning for the crown. There are some great award winning shows and movies on the platform and more are being added each day. You get 30-days to try it and Amazon’s two-day shipping comes bundled with the Prime membership. So it’s a win-win deal if you ask us.

HBO Now: ‘Valar Morghulis’ folks! If you were one of the handful of people on the planet who managed to stay away from the Game of Thrones Hoopla, then now is the time to binge watch it. HBO Now gives you just 7-days to watch all seasons though. And if you aren’t really keen to watch the seven kingdoms battle it out for that rusted iron throne, HBO has produced enough content over the years. Some of it are absolute crackers. Subscriptions are a tad expensive at $14.99 though.

Free alternatives to the top 5

So you’ve already run free trials with all the major streaming platforms. But you are still yearning for some great free movies online.

Don’t fret. We have you covered.

Here Are Some Great Alternatives Where You Can Watch Movies For Free.

  • TubiTV: One of the few places where you can watch movies and shows for free. There’s no catch. True, you won’t find the latest blockbusters on Tubi. But hey, there are some terrific movies in their collection that can keep you engrossed on any day. There’s Platoon. Donnie Darko as well as old, classic shows like the Incredible Hulk with Big Lou Ferigno running down the street painted in neon greens. Now that’s something you can’t catch anywhere else we bet.
  • Vudu: While it’s primarily a marketplace where you can rent and buy digital movies, Vudu also has a large collection of films that you can watch with scheduled ads in between. We just happened to browse through their collection and we saw ‘The Departed’ in there. We are sold.
  • Crackle: Crackle that has been rechristened ‘Sony Crackle’ offers an enormous collection of Ad supported free films. They have a decent catalog of films in different genres. The only caveat is that you’ve got to brace for an ad every 20-minutes.
  • Starz: This one’s got plenty of ‘family-friendly’ content. If the kids are heckling you on a weekend, this is where you should be headed. They also have a lot of exclusive content. So you might want to sign up for that 7-day trial to explore their collection. Subscriptions are billed at $8.99 a month afterwards.

That sums up our list of options where you can watch movies online.

We did leave out a few, like Comet TV that showcases Sci-Fi films only. And Charge, that runs action films all day.

If that’s what catches your fancy, then you know where to find it.