The streaming juggernaut is all set to flip the movie business head over heels. It is estimated that in the near future, it could completely transform the way Cinema is released and distributed, irrespective of whether Hollywood is in agreement or not.

Netflix’s new release, ‘The Irishman’, from Martin Scorsese being a point in case.

A while ago, the streaming giant released ‘The Birdbox’ starring Sandra Bullock which was streamed by 45 million accounts in just one week.

If that was a theatrical release, Netflix would have walked home with something in excess of 0.50 billion pounds.

Now you know why Hollywood is being forced to compete.

For the audience though, things couldn’t get any better. Watching movies online has just gotten a lot easier.

Unlike a few years ago when you’d struggle to find a recent release on the internet, you can find even month old movies to watch online for free.

For some reason, if you are new to the whole online movie streaming scene, then here’s a brief guide that tells you how to make the most of this surplus of cinema.

Watch movies online on paid streaming sites

Your first option would be to sign up with the biggest and the best streaming platforms to watch your online movies.

There’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Disney + and more recently, Apple.

Some major Hollywood studios are entering the business with their own streaming platforms in a few months from now.

All of these are paid services. But the charges are pretty nominal starting from $7 a month and increasing to $14 a month.

Quite affordable, one would think considering that you can get access to hours and hours of free online movies for a monthly subscription. And there are some great shows to top it off.

Oh, forgot to mention that you can also get free trial signups with almost every one of these platforms.

Watching online movies for free

All said and done, with studios and platforms pursuing the ‘exclusive’ content tag aggressively, you’d have to sign up with multiple platforms if you are looking to watch the best of the business.

Let’s run some numbers. If you sign up for the top 5 platforms, you’d be spending in excess of $50 a month.

Suddenly, it’s not so cheap anymore.

That’s why free online movie websites are so popular. These sites have a large catalog of online movies which are typically ad supported.

So, every 30-minutes or so, you’d have to watch an advertisement. In exchange, you can get some great new releases to watch online for free.

Not a bad deal at all.

However, you have to be wary of websites that stream pirated content. You don’t want to be caught watching pirated stuff. Uncle Sam aint too forgiving when it comes to online piracy.

However, there’s no dearth of online movie sites that give you access to loads of movies for free.

Crackle, TubiTV, Vudu, Starz and even YouTube has some great online movies for free.

A lot of people don’t know that they can watch free movies on YouTube.

Some of the biggest names in the movie business are trying to block Netflix.

Who knows what the future holds? For now, just watch and make the most of the free movies online.